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Our latest Event Demo highlighting events we have produced over the past 10 years.

Avoid Unexpected On-site Production Cost Suprises


Avoid being pressured to use the “in-house” AV company at hotels.

It has become an all too common practice for hotels not to disclose charges and fees to use outside vendors, or to add costs to provide supervising staff to oversee any outside production, load-in, staging or related activity.  More times than not, these stipulations and fees are being disclosed to meeting planners AFTER a contract has been signed - when it is too late to change it. This practice can add as much as 30% to production costs with no added benefit. 

Minerpro can help you avoid these charges and improve your meeting bottom line ROI by securing better costs up front for services and rentals than the hotels can offer.   Contact us BEFORE you sign the contract and we will provide you with a guideline to save on your next production budget. 

Prevent getting gouged with fees for using an outside partner after you have signed the contract. Call minerpro @ 415-720-8000

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